I am the mighty sporkmagic. More or less, I am a magical spork.


me irl

I really have no idea what I'm doing here. This may turn out to be a shitty online diary thing or maybe a weird collection of random crap I'm into. Don't ask quite yet, I have no idea.

1993 was pretty cool I hear.

* *

I like music. Find me on last.fm. I would totally embed a recently played widget, but they ditched the old API and I don't feel like figuring out how to do it with the new one.

I find a lot of my music on 'BIRP!'. Give a look over there for some sweet jams.

Listen to Radiohead if you know what's good for you. (Here's my page on them!)

WCBN is the best radio station ever. That's what you're hearing now (if the stream decides to work today..)

I thought I saw a funky duck around here somewhere...

I like internet things. Here's some of my faves:

Neocities is full of cool things. Here's a sampling:

Here's some things I like and why

Thing I like Why I like it
Whiskey Gets the job done
Tacos Food is good for you. Also, kinda a fatty ;)
Photographs The world is an interesting place that's full of funky stuff. Let's put it all on film.
Floppy disks What better way is there to store 1.44 MB of data??
Athletics I do genuinely enjoy watching people run, jump, and throw things to assert their dominance.
Army bags Heavy weight canvas is quite nice. Durable and stylish. All of the good things.
Levi's 501 Shrink-To-Fit Button fly. Take a hot bath in them, wear until dry. There's never going to be another pair of jeans that fits you quite this well again -- unless you get another pair of 501s and do the whole process again!
Chuck Taylors Good old-fashioned canvas sneakers. (NOT SHOES, SNEAKERS -- THERE'S A DIFFERENCE!) Beat 'em up or keep 'em clean, you'll be looking fly either way.
Emptying my soul semi-anonymously on the interwebz It's important to let it all out sometimes. Doing so online helps with both convenience and anonymity. People can still easily find out who you are though, so let's not get too personal for now...

Say hello to Mike while you're here!!

Here's a thing showing where and how my heart has been broken

Stealing this idea from ~javier

A list of things I need to do yet:

These things may or may not end up getting done anytime soon.

sadmac sometimes i am sad like my mac sadmac sometimes i am sad like my mac sadmac sometimes i am sad like my mac sadmac sometimes i am sad like my mac sadmac